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“Thank you Dan for believing in me”

“My substance abuse had gotten out of control. I wanted help but was arrested again and again for operating while under the influence. Because of my priors and because my newest case was filed in a small county and was a felony, I felt hopeless and was certain prison was in my future. I hired Dan and while I took control of my addiction, he took control of my case. Dan convinced the prosecutor and the Judge to give me another chance. I am in active recovery through AA now instead of prison. Thank you Dan for believing in me.” J.F.

“I will always be grateful”

“I was accused of felony battery on a co-worker but he started it. I was very worried that because of his injuries, no trial would be fair. Halfway through my trial Dan said the evidence was not strong enough to continue and that my charges should all be dismissed. The judge agreed, my charges were dismissed and I didn’t even have to testify. I will always be grateful for Dan’s help. He saved my job and kept me out of prison for something I didn’t’ do.” G.D.

“Thanks for a fresh start”

“It was my second arrest for drugs, and this time for dealing and several other charges. My parents knew Dan was a criminal defense lawyer so we hired him hoping for a good result. A few months later, all my charges were dismissed. Now Dan says I can get my arrest records expunged. Thanks for a fresh start.” J.H.

“I didn’t lose my gun rights or freedom”

“My wife and I had problems and arguments like every other couple I know. One evening we had a serious argument and she wanted me to leave and called the police. Even though I never touched her, the police took me to jail and I was charged with domestic battery. Neither of us intended that the courts get involved and everything just got blown out of proportion. After speaking with my wife and investigating the case, Dan got all of my charges dropped before trial and I didn’t lose my gun rights or freedom. All of our lives are better now.” S.M.

“I highly recommend Dan”

“Dan has been helpful to my family and me over the past several years through thick and thin. He has always been available to us and has been there with us in our most trying times. I do not know another lawyer as competent and professional. I highly recommend Dan.” J.C.