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Recent Case Victories

Level 6 felony drunk driving. Client had five prior convictions for drunk driving but we were able to get less than one year of home detention rather than prison time. This case was in a small county but my client’s sincere efforts at rehabilitation and the strength of our defense led to a great result.

Level 3 felony battery causing serious injury. Client claimed self-defense and witness accounts varied. After the state presented its case, we moved to dismiss for lack of evidence claiming that all of the state’s evidence and all reasonable inferences drawn therefrom were insufficient to prove the state’s case or to require us to present a defense. Motion to dismiss granted.

Level 2 felony dealing methamphetamine (over 10 grams). Client was serious about drug addiction recovery and participated in comprehensive rehab. We were able to convince the prosecutor to agree to a short term of home detention and probation despite significant prior history and multiple pretrial drug use relapses and failed drug tests. My client never gave up and neither did I.

Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy (Violation of no contact order). My client was alleged to have violated a NCO amid a complicated ongoing domestic “family feud.” She was already on probation for the very same thing with a suspended sentence hanging over her head. We built a strong defense and elected to try the case. Her persuasive testimony along with our compelling presentation led to a not guilty verdict.

Expungement. My client just graduated from medical school, and was concerned and embarrassed by his prior arrests for minor offenses, which occurred years before. His “dream job” interview was scheduled in just a few weeks. We were able to get his records completely expunged just in time for his interview. He got the job and will make a great doctor. Congrats to him.

Level 6 felony fleeing in vehicle. Police claimed my client refused to pull over on an infraction traffic stop in Broad Ripple. My client claimed he simply did not know he was the one being pulled over until he had traveled over a mile away. After preparing a solid defense and giving my client his day in court, the charges were dismissed.

Class A misdemeanor theft. My client exercised poor judgment in a local retail store, selecting several articles of clothing and leaving with a greater discount than permitted. She was young and just made a mistake that was out of character for her. Her remorse and promise to pay for all future acquisitions led to her charges being dismissed.