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About Attorney Dan Moore

Criminal defense is different. It’s not about losing some money or an opportunity. It’s about your basic liberty. As an attorney, I feel everyone is entitled to a strong and vigorous defense when the immense power of the state moves against you to deprive you of something so fundamental as liberty.

30 Years Of Vigorous Criminal Defense

I’m Dan Moore, and I’ve been a defense attorney in Indianapolis for almost 30 years. I started my law practice, Moore & Associates PC, as a criminal defense attorney because I believe everyone is entitled to a strong defense, and more than 4,000 criminal cases later, I believe it all the more strongly. If you are facing any criminal charges in Indiana, you need to speak with me as soon as possible.

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Dan Moore

The Practice Of Criminal Law

Law is a practice. You walk into a courtroom and present arguments and motions to a judge or jury. I have done that in thousands of cases. During that experience, you learn a lot. You learn how certain prosecutors make their argument. You learn how certain judges behave and the types of arguments and cases they find agreeable. You develop an intuition and a ‘gut feel’ based on those thousands of cases.

I also have experience as a judge pro temp and special judge in numerous counties, affording me yet another perspective and additional depth in criminal matters.

This experience is behind every case I take. I have worked on every criminal matter from basic misdemeanors to serious felonies, including murder and robbery. I understand how overwhelming it can feel to be a criminal defendant, with prosecutors pressuring you to accept their deal. And I can help.

Zealously Protecting Your Rights

I will be that zealous advocate for you, protecting your rights in the courtroom and beyond. I know people make poor decisions and I know that most people should not be judged for life by a single mistake or poor choice. I work to help you deal with the charges you face and move on with your life.

Contact Me

No matter the case, the less you say to the police, the better. Instead, call my Indianapolis office at 317-406-6729 as soon as you can or use my online form.