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My Pro Temp And Special Judge Experience

As in any profession, sometimes judges need a day off or simply can’t preside over a particular case. On those occasions, a pro temp (temporary) or special judge is chosen from among local lawyers to act as sort of a substitute teacher. Though no special certifications are required other than being a lawyer in good standing, it seems obvious that a court seeking a pro temp judge would tend to choose from among the more experienced and respected lawyers available.

I have proudly served as judge pro temp or special judge presiding over the full range of criminal cases from murder to misdemeanors in hundreds of cases for many presiding judges. Though I often preside as judge pro temp, this does not mean I have a special relationship with any court or that I receive special treatment by any court. Any such implication is not intended.

However, sitting as judge pro temp has given me, and continues to give me, a unique perspective on how to present my cases, what arguments tend to be more compelling and what arguments are unpersuasive to judges. Sitting as judge pro temp has allowed me to objectively study prosecutors and defense lawyers, and to hone my techniques, strategies and skills based on their presentations.

Seeing case presentations from the other side of the bench has added immeasurably to my experience and has provided me with uncommon insight. These skills together with more than 30 years of experience have formed a solid foundation for me as a criminal trial lawyer. STOP RUNNING, START FIGHTING. Call me at 317-406-6729 or contact me online.