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Knowing How Your Lawyer Will Be Paid

There should be nothing mysterious about lawyer fees. The cost for your defense should be simple, known in advance, and not subject to unpredictable change. Some lawyers avoid talking about fees during initial telephone consultations either because they think it unprofessional or because they would rather you invest your time and effort into an office visit where they can drop “the bomb” on you. At Moore & Associates PC, I do things differently.

I will tell you on the telephone in just a few minutes what your defense will cost. I offer, and most of my clients prefer, flat-fee rates rather than hourly rates, but both fee structures can be available. I’ll help you decide what’s best for you. Payment plans are available, as are discounted fees for upfront payments (and sometimes discounts for earlier payoffs). A reduced fee is available for veterans, police, fireman, teachers and first responders. We accept all forms of payment, including all major credit and debit cards. I will make an effort to tailor a payment plan for you and your financial situation.

My Experience Saves You Money

Let’s face it, lawyers are expensive, and good lawyers charge fees based on their experience and expertise. But good lawyers don’t have to be available only to the wealthiest. Because I only practice criminal law (and law closely related to criminal law like driver’s license suspensions, gun rights and expungements) and have done so for 30 years, I’ve covered the territory. Your case is unique and your legal issues are specific to you, but because I’ve been practicing criminal law for so long, I’ve already done much of the research necessary to your case. I’ve already prepared strategies in cases like yours so I do not need to charge sky-high fees to teach myself criminal law each time a client hires me. I already know the law and I already know what works. Good lawyering should be available to anyone who is committed to defending themselves, and good lawyering is available to you.

Don’t Hesitate To Call

When you call me at 317-406-6729 to discuss your case, ask me directly about fees. I prefer straight talk and straight answers. Initial consultations are free and informative. Building your best defense starts now. Call 317-406-6729, or contact me via email.