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Expungements – Your Fresh Start

Last updated on December 28, 2020

Indiana law has recently been changed to allow most people with prior arrests and/or convictions to have those records expunged if they have led a law-abiding life since.

The purpose of the expungement laws is to give Hoosiers a fresh start and to prevent old mistakes from continuing to adversely affect their employability, their education and financial opportunities and their self-esteem. Everyone deserves a second chance. At Moore & Associates PC, I can help you get yours.

Arrest Without A Conviction

If you were arrested, but no charges were filed against you, or the charges were dismissed (perhaps through a diversion program or otherwise) for any reason, or you had a trial and were found not guilty, you will be entitled to an expungement of that arrest record in one year. No clerk filing fee is required.

Don’t wait until your public arrest record is discovered by your employer, your family or friends. Get it expunged in as little as a few weeks. I can help.


If you were convicted of a misdemeanor (or received misdemeanor treatment for a Level 6 Felony), you will probably be entitled by law to an expungement of that entire record after you have completed your sentence and five (5) years has elapsed from your conviction.

In fact, all of your prior convictions may be eligible for expunction. For higher-level offenses, eight (8) or more years must pass from your conviction for you to receive an expungement.  If you meet the criteria, most offenses must be expunged upon proper petition (some offenses can only be expunged upon the discretion of a Judge and a few offenses cannot be expunged).

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At Moore & Associates PC, we can review your convictions and tell you in just minutes if you are eligible for an expungement.  Don’t wait until a past mistake ruins your future opportunities. Call our Indianapolis office at 317-406-6729 or use our contact form.